Since 1957, our primary objective has been to consistently provide the highest level of training to government, military, police and civilian bodyguards.

Our world-class security instructors offer specialist training and guidance in a unique learning environment, helping bodyguards to develop professional skills and industry knowledge throughout their careers. The Association's reputation for excellence is a result of nearly 60 years achievement in protective skills training.

We have trained the Iraqi Police, the Cambodian Police, elements of the US Army’s 1st Special Forces Group, bodyguards for the United Nations security teams, bodyguards and drivers for the Organisation for Security & Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Thai National Police, Thai Navy SEALS, Mongolian Special Forces, the Mongolian Central Intelligence Agency, the State Special Security Agency and Police SWAT unit. 


Our History

Founded in Paris by Major Lucien Ott, a member of the French Deuxieme Bureau and former bodyguard to General Charles de Gaulle. The Association originally served as a think tank for bodyguards when Major Ott found that international methods of protection for military VIPs were drastically outmoded and increasingly ineffective. 

The Association’s instructors have led training teams in the Baltic Republics, Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The IBA were the first outsiders to train the KGB (Crimea 1991) as well as government and corporate teams in Poland (1988), Estonia (1989), Latvia and Lithuania (1990). In addition, we have trained UN forces in Bosnia and elements of the security forces for the European Union.  


What we do

  • Protective Service Detail

  • Protective Driving

  • Protective Escort

  • Defence & Restraint Tactics

  • Threat Management

  • Residence Security Team

  • Marine High Risk Escort

  • VIP Yacht & Maritime

  • VIP Hotel

  • VIP Ski Operations

  • VIP Aviation

  • BG Protocol & Etiquette

  • BG Medic

  • Counter Sniper