Imitators & Detractors

We are the International Bodyguard Association, we have no equals but many imitators and some detractors amongst rivals and those that failed to live up to our code of ethics. The International Bodyguard Association is a membership organization that subscribes to the United Nations Charter of Human Rights. It is a registered organization with the Union of International Associations (UIA) in Brussels, established in 1907. The IBA is an International Non-Governmental Organisation (INGO) registered with UN DESA (Departments of Economic & Social Affairs) and having consultative status with the Office for Economic and Social Council Support and Coordination (OESC) of the United Nations. We are registered in the Republic of Ireland, our name and logos registered with the European Union and with the Governments of many Nations.


We, the IBA are truly International with representative offices on 5 continents and individual  representations at regional, national and area level. Our imitators say they are International, World or Global when what they mean is they may or may not have 1 or 2 acquaintances that correspond with them over the internet. This does not make them global or international it is a delusion they suffer and an illusion they present to the world. 


Since 1957 we have represented the interests of Bodyguards as a pan-generic group of individuals. Our imitators sometimes call themselves bodyguards when they have no specific training as a bodyguard, they lack the tradecraft and skills. Many have misrepresented themselves as competent and trained to achieve employment wearing the name bodyguard as a charlatan would don a white coat and call themselves a doctor. Some groups have represented themselves by brand as Close Protection when they have never completed the Royal Military Police at Longmoor and others after completing training for UK licensing (rather than education) are able to use the term to imply competence.

Many others not from the UK try to use the term CP as a mantle of camouflage to imply superior knowledge or just as a marketing tool. In the same way individuals and companies have adopted the term PSD as Personal Security Detail or Protective Services Detachments without training with the US Military or attended the specific course of the United States Military Police School at Fort Leonard Wood or its’ predecessor at Ft McClelland. In the United States of America it has become prevalent to speak of Executive Protection rather than Bodyguard to imply like CP a ‘superior’ form of protection, this is merely a marketing scam. Yet the term Executive Protection was only created in law in the United States to describe the functions of the White House Police and later Uniformed Division of the US Secret Service in the 1970s and referred to an armed unformed guard force rather than the bodyguards of the US Secret Service. 

The term Bodyguard is attributable to both Men and Women unlike a Policeman or Policewomen which are gender specific. The Bodyguard is a protector regardless of the sphere they work in be it Dignitary Protection for Royalty, Presidential or Diplomatic personnel or in Executive Protection of corporate figures, or Protective Services Detail or Close Protection for militarised high risk and hostile environments. The world of the Judiciary requires protection of Judges, Juries, Advocates and Witnesses in the same way the protection of Celebrities be they film or TV personalities, journalists or writers, sports champions, music stars or leaders from the world of fashion. Finally the protection of the vulnerable but not famous is found in the world of Personal Protection. 

The tradecraft of the bodyguard at very basic level requires a practitioner to be trained competently at least in the management of threat through protective escort, protective driving, also an ability to search and recognise improvised explosive devices and electronic surveillance devices and the response protocols that follows their discovery.  Martial Arts and combat fads do not provide you with a bodyguard education just training in a martial art or the temporary social buzz one gets from connecting in a group hug in the latest combat fad. In having military or elite military service may prepare you to be a bodyguard but does not make you a bodyguard unless you have specific bodyguard training. 

The term Bodyguard is a recognised and legally protected term in the international classification of goods and services in classification number 45 (Bodyguard services), for both European Community and World Intellectual Property Organisation classification. Terms such as VIP Protection, Close Protection, Executive Protection do not have this legal protection as they are deemed to be a sub species of the generic term BODYGUARD, 


As an Association we operate under a constitution and sets of mutually agreed protocols and rules reviewed annually at our annual general meeting (AGM). We have structures for training both bodyguards and our own instructors. Our members and instructors have earned their place in the think tank of bodyguards because they did not just wake up one day and decide to call themselves a bodyguard or a bodyguard instructor like so many on the planet. 

It doesn’t matter if you call yourself a Federation, Association, Union, Organisation or Society, if you are just a cabal of people or an individual you are not the real deal without the structure and function of an association. You are not an Association if it is just a smoke screen for a business. 

You can imitate us by calling yourself International /Global /World/Intergalactic saying that you are, Bodyguard/Close Protection/ PSD/ Executive Protection and adding the words Academy/Service(s)/Union/Associates/Amicale/Association/Federatio, but still that does not make you us. It does not confer our skills, our standards, our best practice, our quality it makes you what you are a poor imitation – a donkey pretending it is a racehorse. We were here first and foremost and you had every opportunity to join and train and be part of the real deal – The IBA – walking the walk and not just talking the talk, but instead you chose a path of deception and imitation. An old saying is true that “a man of words but not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds”. 

If you make an enemy of us by betrayal, attempted deception, lies or in any way are a fair weather friend we will turn our collective backs on you and leave you behind us and that is where you will stay and it is your stupidity and therefore your loss.